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Seneca, a #SPoTLife fan who I just met, moved to Portland two days ago from St Loius. He already has friends thanks to skateboarding. Reminds me of how I grew up with Air Force parents moving every two years. It wasn't that bad after I started skating since I had instant friends in every town. Good to see that hasn't changed.

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Rob Meronek
ohsokosey 1366324733
good skating with y'all today 👍
Making friends everywhere is the best part about skateboarding, homies are 4 life
andoruu 1366328673
Yeah it was awesome meeting you all today!
meronek 1366329337
Nice meeting you @andoruu @ohsokosey !
honjuay 1366330529
Thanks @meronek had fun today
meronek 1366331968
Me too @gopr0 thanks! Get up that step up!
shhheats 1366336105
@meronek not so easy for everyone. It took me forever to make friends at spot. Must be something about seekng a tall, skinny, black girl on a skateboard that throws people off. Well at least when I lived in Tampa :/
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