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@worldindustries just put up an older line that I filmed with #jacksoncasey. Check there vimeo and youtube pages. http://bit.ly/ZB6MZn

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Andrew Cannon
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kyleedge_fanclub 1366265047
Jackson Casey is the bees knees when he presses record
andrewcannon 1366267315
Damn @daneburman, good call. My apologies, I am sincerely disappointed in myself for that one.
daneburman 1366267616
Hahaha don't worry. Even the greatest of minds slip from time to time. Your still a genius in my book. See what i did there. ^👀
andrewcannon 1366271182
Haha. It made me feel better. Thanks for that my friend. I hope you're well! And since I know it will get you psyched, I did a few ollies today @daneburman
daneburman 1366271433
Yes andrew!!! So fucking stoked on that. So happy to hear you're back on board! Epic shredness.
andrewcannon 1366273596
I wouldn't say back on board yet, but hopefully moving in that direction sooner than later. Once it commences we must plan an oz trip filled with fun. @daneburman when is Cold War due out?
daneburman 1366273671
End of october. A few ollies and rolling around is still back on board as far as I'm concerned.
skimpjs 1366293417
Killed it! Keep reppin for the big boys
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