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"I just cooked dinner for one, but I must have been thinking of 2..." - Felix DTLA 2013

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bigsyphe 1366172241
Ok u got me there! Lol 😜
onefelix 1366172300
@bigsyphe I'm gonna trade you plates for time in the booth at the studio... HaH!
crisberr83 1366172356
Bn provecho @onefelix
bigsyphe 1366173145
Lets do it! 😜
foreaga 1366175371
What the.. I would have rolled through! @onefelix good catching up today. U are always a breath of fresh air.
onefelix 1366177440
Thanks @foreaga great seeing you also, catch up this week!
flipsagram 1366205760
Rice cake?
martin_26_m 1366215594
Gut busting
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