Photo from ibeborden

Long flight=stretching. Good to be home @salba69

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ibeborden 1366143995
grossosucks 1366144689
mred000 1366145462
umm sir...could you please remove your stanky ass feet off our counter. ...ha!!
burkelurker 1366147853
foguinhosk8 1366151886
How was the trip man? Haha the show was crazy dude!! See you soon at combi!!
ibeborden 1366152694
@foguinhosk8 it was long but not that bad. Good times! See you in a few weeks we'll skate some pools when you get out here!
foguinhosk8 1366152863
Good man! Of course, I can't wait for it!
ferrieri24 1366164856
Time to surf jb
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