Photo from keithhufnagel

Every friday over the next 4 weeks, @mobgrip will be hooking up 5 facebook fans w/ a sheet of Mob x @hufworldwide griptape, and a pair of HUF #fuckit socks. Sign up at -> bit.ly/mob-huf-giveaway @peterramondetta

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d0gs2 1366074649
brvndonle 1366075443
Thats so rad!
ralf_wtf 1366075493
I'll pay for that grip !
davoamo 1366075601
Il purchase a few but from what website ?
_wildisthewind 1366076797
Ill pay for the grip
_the_ch0sen_0ne 1366077566
Facebook?... whats that? Lol
the_mikej 1366083066
^^^^ lolz! @_the_ch0sen_0ne /// just signed in nuqqas
@lazyeye_zaius How do u feel about that grip? lol
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