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Ryan Clements

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The public skate park around the corner from the Recanto Park Hotel here in Foz do Iguacu needs some TLC. It's amazing how skateboarding is alive and flourishing all over the globe.

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Ryan Clements
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rtclem 1366072807
We're working on it @bachdaddy!
bachdaddy 1366072831
fgustavoo 1366073127
Haha now u know how it is hahaha dope to see u out there man!!
rtclem 1366073706
I know @fgustavoo...so gnar. See you soon!
isaiahsaunders 1366073799
@rtclem when are you coming back?
rtclem 1366073992
I'm traveling quite a bit right now @miraclewhip0. Hit me up the week of the 29th.
isaiahsaunders 1366074028
@rtclem aww alright, have fun! Post pictures.
allynmarin 1366081825
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