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Zered Bassett

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So hyped to be a part of the @converse_skate crew. Peep the new issue of @transworldskate

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Zered Bassett
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skateboard_ojisan 1366051206
So fucking gnar, I seen a lot of shit go down there since 1986 but you may have just taken the cake brah! Sooooo sick man, amazing photo can't wait to see footage.
porkchopexpress 1366051634
congrats @zered1
andrewbrophy 1366052768
Congrats @zered1 ! Stoked for you buddy
pdw4 1366053028
Killing it bud-congrats!
shrewgy 1366056816
Rad! Stoked for you and them.
skatepat 1366059444
backsidetailslide 1366068123
@theskatenazi Agreed, that HAS to be the best at Wallows so far.
Its so fucked to realize you were like the golden child but now are like the grizzled veteran! You still blow minds like nobodys business, but, yeah.. Its inspiring for one, and super deserved too! The skating you've put out has always been some of the most honest hard ass thrashing I could ever wanna see! Keep on killlllllling it!
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