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Rob Meronek

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Homie I just met in ATL @gonzthedog has been skating for 15 years and gave it up on learning 360 flips. This skate rat was done by the artist that did the Garbage Pail Kids. Do me a favor and follow @gonzthedog so he can get to 500 followers and not get a "fuck Instagram" tat. Thanks!

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Rob Meronek
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alexmccollum2 1365992241
I feel you I can't do them to save my life! @gonzthedog
insta_petsch 1365992604
He has a #fuckinsta tat.. @meronek and @alex_mccollum2 its cause your a poonanny!
alexmccollum2 1365992661
brandunlap 1365995089
pbr_se 1365995351
Haha @gonzthedog Internet famous
masta_faye 1365998859
#540 th Follower
It's been like 11 years since my last 3flip but I can't give up, I just can't.
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