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Paul Rodriguez

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Fun day with the homies!! @mikeytaylor1 @shanejoneill @erickoston Photo by @emiliodangelo #blessed

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Paul Rodriguez
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thatguyjd 1366033209
@will_holl what are you ten years old? Watch your mouth little kid
jonivuokist 1366037127
I saw this before, this was so sick!
gabrielskt85 1366038581
@raphaelabood @samuzao_ tipo nois kkkk
samuel451r 1366038777
Huahauahauaha na moral @gabrielskt85
ioncareboutthis 1366071892
@jareddelagarza I'm not ten. And okay I understand I'm sorry dood if I offended you I am not joking
i_am___luis 1366125787
P Rod! You are the reason i started skating! You're the best of the best. And my favorite skater! Thank you for doing what you do! And skate on! @prod84 @prod84 @prod84 @prod84
luis.leon_noel.siul 1366221300
Dude that's so sweet! @prod84
luccarallo 1369468945
Grind grind grind
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