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Ryan Clements

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Tourist mission to the Falls went down today. Take a look at how small the people are on the beach to get a perspective of the massiveness, and this is only a portion. That's Argentina on the other side.

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Ryan Clements
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pnutrok1 1365989177
kennyhoyle 1365992855
rodent516 1365995494
sp3nc3r 1365999728
Breathtaking...outskirts of Brazil are gnarly...so stoked u are there! Soak it up for me brethren!
sp3nc3r 1365999733
nikonsk8r 1366003151
Love to fish that river. One of these days trip to Brasil to watch my son skate lol
theschwom 1366028783
This is awesome! Be great on a Vine post.
justdylanperry 1366042089
So epic, hell yeah @rtclem
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