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Starting today I am in a challenge to go plastic free for one week for @KABNTR Do you think I can consume less plastic than @steveberra @salmass @epiclylaterd @skiduls etc?! I hope so!!

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Erica Yary
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pesos_miklo 1365966737
in san jose cali its against the law to do plastic bags @ericayary
darbythecat 1365969714
In long beach, you can take all of your plastic belongings and they will melt it into a small souvenir
epiclylaterd 1365970243
I already messed up
notmyareacode 1365978055
@ericayary only a week ??? How about a year , that is going to get rid if more plastic than just a week
ericayary 1365979893
@ollie319 you're welcome to do the challenge for a year!
mitchhh88 1365981812
Where I'm at the town dosent have plastic bags none of the stores are allowed to carry them and they make u buy those biodegradable cloth looking ones
notmyareacode 1365989593
@jayporta that's what I was thinking but didnt want to piss them off, and your right , I hate when people do dumb stuff like this for a week , if they really wanted to help,they would change their life style and not do stuff like this only to brag
ericayary 1365991837
@jayporta @ollie319 It's not to brag, it's to raise awareness and to be a part of a team challenge. You're both welcome to start your own campaigns! ♻👍
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