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2 chains is going off right now !!! @coachella

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Torey Pudwill
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ryanlincolnn 1365949746
Haha nah i ain't tryin to do nothing btw those beats are sum of the most annoying ones, But what you say is true, i do kinda like a part of one of his beats where its not all "banger this and banger that" but did i talk about them?nah, if you could just read what i said for 2 seconds. I can see its not the case for you but i can't enjoy no song if the beat is dope but what the artist is sayin' is 100% shit about gold, cars, booty and twerkin. Btw i didn't argue over nothin' and i didn't overreact nether. Find a part where i say you can't listen to that music because this n' that and you just tryin' to be cool n' shit. I'm done with this. Peace out
boofstigram 1365960282
Some people should just stay off the Internet...
peter.greene662 1365972322
@christopheboulmer you spent way too long on that comment
flatianni 1365984676
gziss 1366646816
Saw you there man
cuscuscus 1368567284
@smj0nes it's Jeff!!
smj0nes 1368588368
@cuscuscus yessss!!!!
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