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Ryan Clements

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Just landed in Iguassu Falls and went straight to the X Games site. Here's the view from the top of the Street League course built by @cask8parks. What you got @prod84 @shanejoneill @ishod @austyngillette @toreypudwill1?

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Ryan Clements
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yacob316 1365883644
They need to stop making these courses so easy for them.
hellonwheels 1365892178
@yacob316 sketchy DIYgames with not enough run up, sketchy tranny and too much vert
elrandy 1365893117
The falls themselves are worth the trip @rtclem Better views from the Argentine side, too. Boa viagem and please enjoy a cold Brahma for me.
rtclem 1365951471
Already had a Brahma and a few Skols, @elrandy.
rtclem 1365951507
@yacob316 and @hellonwheels, how can you be so young and bitter? Haha.
rtclem 1365951522
I know @shurikensjoint.
shurikensjoint 1365955522
One of these days I gotta get up in that
hellonwheels 1365973873
Because then you and @yacob316 would win!
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