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Jog to the gym, swim, jog home. Less than 6 weeks until skateboarding @worldindustries @ergo_clothing #wrld #concretecommitment

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Andrew Cannon
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joncrans 1365855424
Bionic man!
dylan_holderness 1365859972
Hell yeah @andrewcannon666 gonna be ripping in no tome
christar776 1365861383
Keep it up @andrewcannon666 you're almost there!!
millerlightyear 1366129849
Just got mine, opposite knee. Hopefully they will start to let my cycle soon. Going crazy without my skateboard @andrewcannon666
andrewcannon 1366130221
@seanmolaison how long ago did you get it done? Make sure you listen to them. There are reasons why you can only do so much and although it sucks to wait you'll be much happier in the long run.
millerlightyear 1366132329
No doubt, I had surgery on the the 29th of last month so about 3 wks ago. They might let me off crutches next wk if I've progressed enough. How did you get that icing machine? @andrewcannon666
andrewcannon 1366133738
@seanmolaison they prescribed it to me. It was awesome. Just make sure you take the rehab serious and do it on your own when you can. It's going to hurt when they bend you but embrace it and you'll be skating better than before. I'm less than 6 weeks away from skating now and I cannot wait!
millerlightyear 1366137940
@andrewcannon666 yea I'm hyped to start therapy and get in the gym and stuff. I'm glad your doing well man. Maybe I can send a tape in to wrld and get a box. Lol
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