Photo from jamie_foy

Soooooooo bumbed. Tryna get a quick clip on AT&T rail and broke a brand new board #needaboardsponsor #gotdamnamtomorrow @islandwatersports

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trevor_bone 1365860880
brandon.starr 1365861300
Do you have any boards?
jamie_foy 1365861415
My friend gave me a beat to hell home. Hopefully it works
jamie_foy 1365861421
krimetime1 1365864047
Shred my dude, SHRED! Wish ya the best
jpgarciask8er 1366955071
This rail looks sick, thas in Atlanta?
brandon.starr 1385215612
Where in Atlanta? I'm tryin to get the address!
africa_4 1385613726
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