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"God Forgives Reebok Don't! - Reebok drops Ross 2013

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rif.sixthandhill 1365807020
Eminem gets away with twice as much offensive material... #DoubleStandard
angeloong 1365808239
nosnhor 1365815470
@rif_11thdistrict ya but em has obviously changed and grew for the better. It has nothin to do with color, It's all character. And besides, last I checked em is not sponsored by Reebok.
dharv777 1365817062
@elhae Bossman said wear Reebok
darnell79 1365817203
Back to patent 11's!
rif.sixthandhill 1365842967
Em actually is sponsored by Reebok, he 50 Cent and Jay-Z were the first ones to get endorsement deals... and he may have grown (who says Rick Ross can't either) but the point is, nobody was really making a big stink when he was saying shit like "if there's grass on the field, play ball!" referring to screwing underage girls. It's a double standard and always had been... Luke Perry was on the cover of Rolling Stone holding a gun the same year MTV decided to ban rap videos with guns in them. People are more threatened by hearing or seeing a black person say or go the same things white entertainers have gotten away with for years. Just making a point. Please don't think I'm trying to argue on your page. Nuff respect.
rif.sixthandhill 1365843050
Sorry @onefelix. My last comment was for @nosnhor. Once again, pardon the convo on your page.
ball_like_im_kyle 1365902341
Yay eminem @rif_11thdistrict
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