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Koston 2 @lss @therealtark get em while you still can playa #thelegendgrows

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blakeular 1365791456
Need those! #heelsupport
nate_e_poo 1365791549
Those were mine. Thanks bud! @jeremyrx
jeremyrx 1365800510
@nate_e_poo dude your shipping charges are way too much!
nate_e_poo 1365802947
That's because getting the pony express to run out to the desert ain't cheap. @jeremyrx
jeremyrx 1365815160
@nate_e_poo next time I get some off your eBay well use the MEXICAN EXPRESS and Oliver can bring them
cailaburke 1366504375
hey I made that 👌
johnnyhelgren 1370387330
hey Oliver! glen at epidemic said that he gave you my info for the ambassador thing. the post card I have to register isn't working for me tho for some reason
johnnyhelgren 1370389483
what's your email? or send me one johnnyhelgren@gmail.com. thanks man
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