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Andrew Cannon

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Andrew Cannon
deaf_alex 1365775215
Ego?? @andrewcannon666
andrewcannon 1365783357
@deaf_alex Ghost
brooselightning 1365784625
Seein them in a couple weeks
andrewcannon 1365786490
Me too @jooseisloose666! Where are you seeing them? I'm going to tucson for it.
brooselightning 1365786590
They are cruisin to portland! The venue is literally across the street from my spot! Way hyped @andrewcannon666 when u hittin up the north west bud??!
andrewcannon 1365789216
@jooseisloose666 ill be up there for street league this summer, and who knows, maybe ill try to plan a trip to skate shit around there afterward. What is the date you see them? I'm going on the 23rd.
brooselightning 1365791526
Im seein them on the 26th, gonna be a rager! Blood ceremony is also playin here sometime this month. Def gonna check that out. Me n the boys will def see u at street league tho! wel grab a beer! @andrewcannon666
brooselightning 1365791626
Speakin of AZ tho.. I fuckin ran into Tim Ward the other day randomly. so hyped to see some AZ Heads out here from time to time @andrewcannon666
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