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Got a swolen knee right before #damnamatlanta think I pulled something #dosntevenhurt #juststiff #fml

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lewwilll 1365736898
Damn G stretch it out then kill it Jamie!
deano_tullsk8 1365737614
Fuuuuckk... Ice heat ice heat , repeat. Wake up stretchin, move it like ur gona be usin it, see how u feel bro!
dakotahunt_ 1365737769
Just stop being gay and put the pink shirt on and you will be good ! @jamie_foy
onesstarr 1365738029
@jamie_foy if you can get to a Walgreens or CVS, get some arnica gel. It works for swelling & bruising. But you probably knew that already. :)
falchionswielder 1365759899
handrailskater 1365762183
You'll be gucci for the comp I bet
judah_findley 1365768732
Dang hope you get better for damnam
leoalvaradoo 1366757416
I'm sure ur good man but ur knee is nothing to play with trust mee if u feel something is not right get it check out
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