Photo from mccranker

I've been lovin this place lately. #slash #grab

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luie30 1365728742
Broadway and Glen drive?
damonway 1365729989
What if these objects of beauty existed all over as a natural phenom but skateboards hadn't yet been invented... The world would be sub-radical!
deelevssevsfive 1365732193
Still never skated there... Shame on me...
mccranker 1365742895
@damonway you mean like swimming pools? 😉 Good thing the world is already above-radical!
mccranker 1365742961
@skate_or_die_forever @luie30 Knight street at e35th Vancouver.
damonway 1365743105
:) Yes! A world with empty swimming pools with zero action! Very "sub". That spot does look nice though!
markus_dyer 1366172572
@mccranker why did u delete the pic u just posted
deathbridge 1366265396
I helped pour that bowl...good to know its Cranker approved👍 @mccranker
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