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My bro , my Mama, Lil me. 1985. West Oakland. People get so offended by Gertrude Steins "there is no there, there" quote. But she's was right.... And that's why so many moved to Oakland. You didn't have to pay for the "there". It was up to you to make your own -there-.... Now everyone's moving here, and there is a there...but we're losing what it was. A kind of homogenized Oakland is happening. I was not born here, but was chosen and am proud of that. So much respect for my Mom for the trailblazer she is. A true pioneer and weirdo. Gwar played in our house when I was 13, mom dropped in on a vert ramp, guns were pointed at my head, our black neighbors welcomed us... And we respected it. Those days and that life taught me so much. #trailblazing #greencollar #family #lowerbottoms #nowyoucancashin #nationalsiblingsday

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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killer_am 1374083606
Haha. I wanna see you make that face now!
getlow 1376235742
shreddie 1379330274
When I was a kid (even more than now) my mom and I used to bounce around to different family members houses around the Bay Area because she wasn't content with staying in one place. The most excited I'd get was when we ended up at my grandpas in west Oakland. He was awesome (RIP) he used to drive around with a fake bloody arm sticking out of his trunk to freak people out. Oakland has always been a place that seemed wild and free. Sorry about the rant but I just saw this pic and it sparked some memories. Thanks.
4q69 1379346427
@shreddie man, that's rad. Ha, the bloody arm almost sounds familiar , wonder what streets it was on. It's changing here fast, lots of disrespect from people moving from SF and surrounding areas, trendy little shops that are raping other people's passions and interests....... What can you do. Still love it, just gotta try and keep pure a Lil longer.
shreddie 1379376427
I hear ya man. That shits happening everywhere. Just hold onto your piece.
themachinefiles 1390468980
@4q69 hey max, are you coming to Australia ?.... Did I hear right?...
4q69 1390541227
@mattmachineshed yea man. I'll email you :)
slaylani 1394495301
@4q69 nice timeless photo in B&W, those are always the best, your Mom sounds like a tough and smart one! hardest job nobody ever applies for: raising up of humans in a constantly changing society 💡💪#brainsandbraun
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