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Thanks to @dylandoubt for gifting me this great book! This was a nice follow up to his last novel (Out Stealing Horses). I Curse The River Of Time felt like a late night kitchen table conversation with an old friend. I really like this authors muted intensity. #icursetheriveroftime #whatmccrankerisreading #perpetterson

mccranker 1365576807
@emmi_lulu your suggestion. @lewisalberterberthethird my suggestion.
emmi_lulu 1365576943
Glad you liked it! @mccranker
sjlozano 1365585555
thanks for the recommend! rick, you go harddd
sjlozano 1365585579
Thanks dude
dylandoubt 1365606128
Glad you liked it buds.
cbyanasak 1365620396
Keep 'em coming. Always appreciate good book tips
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