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A$AP/Rihanna concertšŸŽ¤ thanks to Wells Fargo for the suite tickets!!

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Nyjah Huston
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klem101 1365613594
So jealoussss
dreasss93 1365621567
Why the fuck does Wells Fargo give him shit. Too many big corporations getting in the skate industry
blake_n_bits_ 1365626334
@dreass_ jealous much ?
dreasss93 1365626583
@b_holt39 lol I promise I'm not jealous that he got to go to an asap/Rihanna concert, not the best of music in my opinion. I just don't like that a company like Wells Fargo who has never had anything to do with skating gives him free shit just because they see a possibility to make profit off of him
dreasss93 1365626681
Same shit with Mountain Dew that's the most retarded one who wants to drink soda when they've been skating hella long that's just bad for you ha
tarikfs 1365656029
Yo dreass... u probably never put a ton of money in any dam bank... you wanna know what happens you get some sort of complementation, some people get more credit , some people get shirts hats and ect. Noq what the HELL is wrong with nyjah geting some concert tickets... look how much money he puts in his dam bank acount you fucking dumb shit, stop hatten and let the man post his photos and coments in peace
jackcooogan 1365672857
i would trip balls if i were to sit next you in concert i would be on you sack hard
dreasss93 1365723018
I was tryin to leave my comment in peace broooo and no I haven't put a ton of money in my bank account before, probably because I'm 19 and not a professional athlete, but I'm sure you haven't either. I don't think there is any problem with him getting free concert tickets, I just don't like that Wells Fargo gave them to him cool it man I'm not attacking anyone @tarikfs
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