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Nyjah Huston

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Holy cops😳🙊 #whysomany #busted

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Nyjah Huston
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jakeswenson25 1367019612
You're white? Hahahahaha WTF hahahaha @blake_sanchez_cx
jakeswenson25 1367019923
P.S. you look like one of those kids who tries to skate but in reality just straight up sucks really bad. You look like some one who can barely ollie, rocket air ugly kick flips and rolls off ledges and thinks he's good @blake_sanchez_cx
mustyblakee 1367043146
Umm okay that's not me you little bitch that talks shit on instagtram, say that shit to my face pussy @jakeswenson25
tj_poinsett 1367197453
Hey @blake_sanchez_cx u do suck at skating pussy get a hair cut and skill also ur girlfriend is ugly nobody like you
mustyblakee 1367197755
Haha dude your fucking stupid you haven't even seen me skate so stop talking shit you no life , think your so stuff cause your talking shit on instagram ? Say it to my face you pussy bitch and everyone likes me just like your mom said last night when she was sucking my Dick and my girlfriend isn't ugly you fucking dumb shit no one likes you red head bitch @trevorpoinsett
mustyblakee 1367197863
Your girlfriend is ugly ! Foo I Dick slap the shit out of her and she fucking enjoy it ! @trevorpoinsett
_amadeius 1373870589
Aren't you a bit young to use such foul language? My goodness @blake_sanchez_cx
801dub 1376092182
All you people juss stop startin shit for no reason. Hahahh! "Immature"
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