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Nyjah Huston

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Trying to pose a crook so we can get a clear photo haha repost from @chaseingabor

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Nyjah Huston
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ihate_humanz 1365549386
Yall askin if this how he got pro but have u seen him skate?? And hes won hella comps LIVE sooo u people sound stupid......smh
mikesk8 1365557775
@nyjah_huston aquí en Puerto Rico eso se llama POSER del mes!!!
scottieking_ 1365561909
Hahahahhahahahahh @thehomieandrew
jeremiahcrawford_ 1365823520
Just screenshot a pic from a video of you actually doing a crook..
harryswagin 1366148020
Nigga do be of that shit lol @nyjah_huston
qdndjcjebdksdkebx 1366490369
That's fucking funny
hinchyistruth 1366544327
It's funny because me and a couple of mates where only just talking about how easy it would be to set up a photo that actually looks like your grinding
akbarsuryayusuf 1369122318
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