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Adam Dyet

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@johnhanlon604 and the good old delta park earlier today. #canada2013

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Adam Dyet
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mark_appleyard 1365479807
Yeah Dyet , how do u like Tim hortons? That parks sick @riotwithdyet 🎣🎣
riotwithdyet 1365481277
I love tim Hortons buddy, the park is sick as hell as we'll. Going to rip lips tomorrow. It's been raining alot out here but still good times. @mark_appleyard
chexmix11 1365490279
Back at the ryan and scoots home park? Kill it! Tell everyone I said whats up!
marcus_b5 1365508311
@riotwithdyet if you're around come by the shop and say hi we're not far from ND!
@riotwithdyet it's my partners birthday today too would make his day
waywardnephew 1365782016
you in town? How long you here for?
riotwithdyet 1365817050
I'm here til Monday the 15th. Were going skating ubc Sunday. Come skate. @waywardnephew
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