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John Cardiel

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Enrichment of the waffle soul #Vans

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John Cardiel
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shallowendlurker 1365445485
Vans a make her dance
theloveleon 1365450179
gr.jraham 1365566058
@_breakfree_ @_breakfree_ @_breakfree_ @_breakfree_
gr.jraham 1365566066
Dude!!!!!!!!!! Sunday!!!!!
gr.jraham 1365566080
Ill see you turning them tables
gr.jraham 1365566101
@_breakfree_ @_breakfree_ @_breakfree_ dude so fucking hyped!!
alec_beck 1406709138
@ameliabrodka #punoftheyear
Fu Manchu may have said that "it makes no sense at all to say what you used to do" but he surely wasnt thinking about skateboarding!!! Thanks for all the adrenaline hype over the years, it helped keep the mind on the one track stoke
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