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Justin Figueroa
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antmooo 1365335069
Not even they get down tony t is a beast.
bprice420 1365341487
Quit cryin bout Phelps THRASHER
_shakejunt_ 1365342837
jlaporta your a Fucking dumbass that man is g as fuck..its funny cuz you just jealous you can't get wasted with pro skaters..gotta love them haters
luke_fondleburg 1365371899
@jlaporta you're a fucking pussy bitchmade dumbass. Phelps is the man.
marcruckus 1366365585
Jesus fuckin Christ. Quite the community here. Fuckin sound like hardcore kids. Tearing each other down for having an opinion other than your own? Who's the real poser? Fuckin look at yourselves. Not everybody has to like Phelps and not everybody hates him. But people fuckin hate him and they have reason. If you don't, then you don't and keep it pushin. No need to tell a "kid" to "suck a dick". Absolutely fuckin ridiculous. Posers attack other people within the community instead of respecting their opinion. Grow the fuck up
_landen_ 1369276928
Phelps is as OG as it gets dude. Don't mess with the Phelper...ever.
smltwnhdlm 1369943404
@luke_fondleburg everybody is bitch made at least 1/2 bitch made
hailey.livingston 1369961827
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