Photo from nuge666

Hyped on my new cruiser goodlooks @volcanicsunrise #mrsgibbys

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theshrine 1365371413
Workin on some recordings over here may need you for a wah session
nuge666 1365387507
@theshrine anytime bud
brianhansen 1365630415
@theshrine I can hand wah wah too
theshrine 1365634882
I donno bro can you really wah @volcanicsunrise
nuge666 1365640098
@theshrine @volcanicsunrise hahaha wah wah
y00wie 1370543582
@nuge666 what wheels are you riding, they look phat as shiit
nuge666 1370543909
@ewan_mitchell OJs
y00wie 1370544375
Sick, what size?
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