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Max Schaaf

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Normal person hammer. Like a skate hammer, today's maneuver didn't come easy. Borrow and drive my friends 53 1ton to San Rafael, with 6"inches of play in the wheel with the bias plys. 3500 pound table happened to be on top of the steepest hill I've ever driven, sf hills included. They had to chain the 53 truck to another truck so I didn't slide off hill. Rent fork lift .."yea I'm just going a few blocks" drive it 3 miles, crossing San Pablo ruled. These tables are rad and this one was super cheap. All worth it.... @dzwicker I needed u man!! #nowwhatdoido #justbuyshittoputonthegram #alone #heavyduty

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Max Schaaf
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shreddie 1365244375
That's hilarious
That's awesome dude. Whats cheap for one of those fab tables? @4q69
zitos_vintage_cycle 1365251244
Nice work! Reminds me of when I got my mill. 1200 lbs in a tiny Toyota pickup. Determination is essential. @4q69
mcdonnellr 1365257570
Looks like you rollin down wood street.
high_desert 1365262769
That sounds fun! Nice moves @4q69
groc1 1365263362
That's how I get to work ...on a forklift.. Nice table
fat_city_welder 1367071884
That table is badass!
danimal103 1367914840
Holy shit. .!
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