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Hangin with this pile right now in the city. Rage tonight? We will be lurking. @drewpager #lurk #sdhomie #sf #pile #pilestyle #lurkzone

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rhettrospect 1365214081
@skandrew where you gonna be!? Bouta hit the city in a little.
drewpager 1365221639
#newestlevismodel @oudalay
skandrew 1365224276
Ill be lurkin the mission man! @rhettrospect
rhettrospect 1365228289
@skandrew fsho im goin to see Dj.Shadow at Mighty. Slide thru if your down
cradleandgrave 1365228482
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iankorenek 1365310739
Hey Andrew are u in Orlando with Natalie ? I live here and I'm off the next 2 days . Get at me if u wanna get a drink or something ? @skandrew
skandrew 1365313816
Aw man im not there! I wish! She went with her family dude @iankorenek hope ur well!!
iankorenek 1365320255
Yeah man I'm good . I wish u both were here . Would love to take u guys out for dinner and drinks ! Away from Disney in the real part of Orlando . Oh well hope ur doing great too bro ! @skandrew
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