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Paul Rodriguez

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Tonight at midnight this will be premiering on the @berrics. If you have a chance check it. My primo @steveberra really out did himself with his film making!! @mountaindew thanks for giving us this opportunity!!

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Paul Rodriguez
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sekhon16 1365268659
@prod84 this was so sick!
samtsutd 1365277551
Stop clogging up the berrics! Taking up BATB!
caeleb.dulen 1365291464
6000 like
brennanskates 1365305057
@prod84 that has to be one of the most inspirational things i've ever seen
jackeryg 1365309151
Hey Paul Rodriguez. You are the most inspirational living legend of skateboarding. I have watched this video 10 times already. It's 1 am out here and sinse I just watched that video I'm out here reppin dc. Respect coming from a fan. Thanks for the support and just want to let you know the impact you have on my daily life. @prod84 @berrics @planbofficial @primitive_la @nikesb
aaron__hayes 1365389773
After i watched this i landed my first tre flip.
aaron__hayes 1365389780
turangalila_ 1365397019
The skating in this is next level, great to see such a good dude leading the pack @prod84
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