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Torey Pudwill

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#fbf me and @zarazua1987 doubles last week ! #skatelife #grizzlygang photo by @davidbroach

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Torey Pudwill
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willbarbaro 1365233709
Hey I go to school here
omgimchelsea 1365237146
mjescajeda_ 1365258464
Thanks SO much for liking my photo man I really appreciate it!!!!!!!
deangelis15 1365264575
Man, you are honestly the best skater I've ever seen, you completely tear apart any skate spot you go to. You have insane pop and are straight up my idol! @toreypudwill1
bdheydenberk 1365312185
What is you're board size @toreypudwill1
d.u.g.a.n 1368138629
I saw that vid on YouTube, AWESOME
homiedrew 1380597895
Hey torrey u should come skate that school again with ne and some homies u skated it this last weekend my friend told me he took a picture with u at the wonderbread blue bar I wanna skate with u man that'll be dope as Fuck please ill show u some suck spots and it'll be a blessing to meet u @toreypudwill1
homiedrew 1380597915
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