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Walker Ryan

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@organika just released a new promo with full length VX parts of me and @mewnyewnit ! Go to KAYO.tv to watch ! Photo : @brianfick #growwithus @l3sar for filming and editing. Thank you to all contributing filmers @patrik_wallner @ryan_alvarado @bradrosado @gx1000

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Walker Ryan
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tullywest 1365204014
That was so good!
dm8_ 1365394736
Hey @walkerryan I was wondering if u could hook me up with some stickers is that posible? Thanks keep up the good work!
walkerryan 1365487002
@dylanmartin23 where do you live ?
dm8_ 1365518058
St.Helena! You came to our school and autographed my shoe! Ha @walkerryan
walkerryan 1365928236
@dylanmartin23 oh hell ya I'm down to hook up some stickers
dm8_ 1365951931
Alright thank you! Just let me know when . Or however u think it will work best! @walkerryan
nuggs420 1366058957
@walkerryan ill pay you if u could send me some stickers, always have looked up to u man you've always been one of my favorite shreaders.
dm8_ 1367380972
Happy birthday @walkerryan have a good one!
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