Photo from ethanloy

@andrewfienee nosegrind the new @berrics brick bank

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bleachgoth 1365042011
@itsjlay Is this him Jon haha?
shreddiemunster 1365042558
That's my favorite thing there @ethanloy
jonaathaan_le 1365043398
Haha yeah! @crailtapkid
andrewnavedo 1365043409
That bank looks so crisp what's your trick on it @ethanloy
currencaples 1365046184
Word on the street is that @ben_nordberg cool guy you there!!!
johnnyschillereff 1365046718
@ethanloy > I want to skate that! Old school! 👊
_williamgomez 1365049789
I want to skate that so bad !!! @berrics
tcgravez 1365059469
Yeeeeeea! @Andrewfienee
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