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Well, my free lunch went up today. Sorry it's more talking and not skating, but I promise to have skating come out soon. Go check the ride channel and laugh, or don't. @worldindustries @ergo_clothing

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Andrew Cannon
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babybeanzy 1365039110
Look at that vagina on your face....
moistxlvagina 1365120551
^ lol
thefellers 1365744269
peatroshus 1366223728
@andrewcannon666 I watched this and you where talking about how you lost wight, about a year ago I broke my ankle and kinda veged out and now Im pretty damn fat I was wondering if you had any pointers on losing wight?
andrewcannon 1366225837
Honestly @peatroshus it's tough. You have to look at your diet and eliminate the shit. And on top of that exercise is huge. I'm still trying to get there myself, it will most likely be a work in progress for me for the rest of my life. Don't drink calories! Fuck soda and if you drink beer keep it to a minimum. They are all empty.
jonahvanfixie 1367051717
I really enjoyed your 'free lunch'.you seem to be a smart and honest human.i like discovering the brain behind the skating.
jonahvanfixie 1367051727
andrewcannon 1367078560
Thanks @hippermist, I honestly watch a lot of those because I too really like when people have something more to them. I appreciate the kind words.
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