Photo from nuge666

We put alot of passion into this. Volume 4 available through Baker Boys Distrbution. Coming Fall!!! #listentovolume4

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pepzeppelin 1365207520
Oh that's mad dude congrats, will it be available in Australia
pepzeppelin 1365207525
jackhamma69 1372055535
@christopher_the_human reminds me of this
unfinyshed 1372055632
Oh I see. @deathcrush420 this picture is way sick though.
jackhamma69 1372055668
@christopher_the_human yeah two of my favorites skaters!!!
unfinyshed 1372055808
Hell yeah, Sammy and nuge shred! Who is your too favorite skater? @deathcrush420
jackhamma69 1372055933
@christopher_the_human its sammy ive been in love with his skate style sine high school!!
unfinyshed 1372056797
Nice. I really enjoy Dylan Rieder's style. I don't know if I'd say he's my favorite skater but he is definetly up there! @deathcrush420
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