Photo from mccranker

Another awesome drawing of me pumpin tranny. This time by instagramer @medeyum

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206_seattle 1364924327
medeyum 1364924650
Thanks Mccrank! I'm stoked you like it. Keep killing it dude!
genesioskt 1364925268
Yheaaaaaa @carlostaparelli
mattfrenchart 1364927075
nick_shea_ 1364928266
Copy cat! Haha just kidding, the original photo's too good for the whole world not to draw
tlav86 1364931264
Best one so far
jaredjamesvalentine 1364936546
Tisza cipo looks so good!
ericjoneckis 1364947916
Dude machotaildrop was so wicked. I rarely enjoy films about skateboarding, or super artsy films, and this one fit into both categories and kept me glued. Shoulda hot theaters.
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