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Walker Ryan

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Just finished #mountainsbeyondmountains ! A very inspiring tale about #paulfarmer, a man who has dedicated his life in every way imaginable to the cause of curing infectious diseases in some of the world's most impoverished countries. Thanks #nicholasrockwell for sending this to me #tracykidder

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Walker Ryan
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carlychanell 1364912255
@walkerryan great book👌
torch.bearer 1364912739
@walkerryan you're the reason why I'm going out to buy a few books today
toddthefox 1364913634
Yes but how was the thrasher?!? Who's on the cover?!
jackboyle 1364913958
@walkerryan nice to see someone breaking the negative skateboarder stereotype.
oh_pazzer 1364914367
#paulfarmer is a major reason I practice medicine in West Oakland.
taramaybe 1364914777
That's why he's pretty awesome @jackboyle
vvvandyyy 1364916036
This is a solid read.
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