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Sometimes I like to wait until most of my camera stuff is broken before I send it back for repairs. Queen Fat Bottom Girls poster in background that my friend #ChrisFetter found in the garbage and rode ten miles home w/ it strapped to his back in background for theats.

bartjones Instagram profile picture
Bart Jones
ovobery 1364889131
Your the man, man
kokody 1364889796
Always for the theats
kroooooms 1364890942
Poster envy
trentmcclung 1364891335
Miss you
masonsilva 1364892049
Miss you more
trev_dogg_og 1364907104
Dude I got that same poster randomly bought a used record and that was folded up in one of the sleeves @bartjones
yeahboardshop 1364911064
Come out for a visit bjizzle! @bartjones
michimu 1364924602
My first Queen experience was Fat Bottom Girls. How fitting.
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