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Luke McKaye

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Hate on Wayne all you want, but dude seemed to genuinely enjoy the skating at Tampa Pro. @spottampa #spot #tampapro #thelegendgrows #lilwayne

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Luke McKaye
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playsumskynrd 1364861817
Hes actually gettin kinda good at it, gotta start somewhere
sizemeup 1364861821
He's on alien workshop
iron_mosquito 1364865298
In the world of individuality we skaters live in, i am surprised to see so many talk shit about this dude skating. As if no skater was talked shit about, because they skate, and kept skating because they love it. Being on AWS, however, seems a bit much tho haha.
collin_hunter 1364871232
That shit ain't real @iron_mosquito
rhallsmb 1364873364
As long as he's showing real love and passion, it shouldn't matter.
_hockeytemper 1364911054
I give him props cause he can actually bust out tricks nothing huge but he tries but I still don't think he should own any company's in the industry at all its just opening the door for posers
80hdskateco 1365909872
Wayne is not a poser. I agree w @___sam_sn__d he loves skating. He's not posing. Why would he start a Skate company if he didnt love it? Def not to make money cause he ball harder than anyone else as is. He is just keeping it real
Lil wayne Poooserrrr
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