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Photo from mccranker

The first time I met Guy was in LA at the USC ledges, I'd been on Girl for a while and he was kind of reclusive at the time. He was cruising around and did a fakie big flip landing in a manual and rode it out for a while. When he did the fakie big flip I saw his graphic, he was riding my board. It felt like all the blood in my body dropped out of me, I was so shocked, embarrassed and unworthy. Guy and I are closer now, not exactly tight but definitely pals and I can honestly say I still feel the exact same way in his presence. @guymariano your legacy is unparalleled and your recovery from injuries of the body and the mind are beyond inspiring. Happy birthday brother, we all love you and thank you!! ( @bencolen photo)

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chriscycle 1364785231
That's a great story Rick, thanks for sharing!
trait_ 1364792389
stay strong @dangosun
bobkronbauer 1364792939
This is so awesome
teranross 1367510028
@dangosun Much respect bro, keep your head up!
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