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Ryan Clements

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Happy Easter from Tampa's forgotten piece of crap pre-fab DeSoto Skate Park. @satansrune813 talked me into skating here today.

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Ryan Clements
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codyharper_ 1364755602
@zac_votruba Haha yeah man!
rtclem 1364760135
It's in that neighborhood just south of Ybor, @thatfagskater, I think it's called Palmetto Beach or something like that.
rtclem 1364760218
Yeah @banx89...email me...ryantclements@gmail.com.
rtclem 1364760286
You're right @blue0723, the mini ramp is fine.
rtclem 1364760311
I'll take you there next time you're in town @insta_vern!
hellonwheels 1364764663
Flyout of the quarter up to the top of the bank is fun
isaiahsaunders 1364949566
@rtclem the Jackson springs meeting was great. Glad to meet you and hope you can be their on the 18th
rtclem 1364954650
Nice meeting you @miraclewhip0!
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