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48 minutes Unused Footage Bonus Edit is now available on iTunes. #prettysweet

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_80sdad_ 1364559578
Don't get your hopes up. Can't believe your only trick was that whack ass 50...
scottyboost 1364566603
@mccranker big up your bonus footy. That 5050 back 180 was off the fucking Richter
scottyboost 1364566767
@pghclassik he had more than one trick. And that fifty down the hubba was gnar. As if you'd post on one of the raddest skaters walls about how his tricks were shit. Get the fuck out of here and go play some hockey you dink
_80sdad_ 1364567448
You would lurk on my profile and get that butt hurt over 1 comment. Wasn't even knocking him, just having some fun implying that he should of had a full part. Guess you can't sense sarcasm through text. Worry about yourself. @scottyboost
scottyboost 1364568976
@pghclassik you're a kook.. S.T.R.E.E.T.S. dude
ericjeckert 1371512810
@mccranker are you skating the pretty sweet tour in KC on Friday?
mccranker 1371518516
@ericjeckert no, I fly in just after that into Chicago. I'm going to a wedding.
ericjeckert 1371519193
@mccranker dang, I guess I won't waste my time with that 4 hour drive then :)
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