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Antwuan Dixon

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Killin shit

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Antwuan Dixon
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samwread 1364514919
@jimmykendo calm your tits
datdrunknigga 1364515123
@carloss288 your pose
dirtyeyez 1364515665
@odicinal @teflontwuan The man has the most amazing style and could be a top board selling pro but mistakes happen . Lets just hope a rerelease with a full " fuck you haters " part like Ellington talks about happens.
loked 1364519322
You're a low life without skating
daprezzz 1364524848
Your a lame @loked keep killing life @teflontwuan
drewelwood 1364526103
@teflontwuan please throw down some footage... Been rooting for you since you dropped your first part... Always inspiring .. Style for days
loked 1364526674
@daprezzz how use he killing life? He's just killing his life
moses_am 1364532058
Man i bought a dixon deck and i hung it up on my wall and i promised not to skate it untill he drops a part! Keep doing yu Antwuan! I might never skate tht deck but fuckk it G! Stay up! @teflontwuan
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