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Lizard King

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THANKS @drdavidsales U FUCKING RULE!!!!!!!!!!

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Lizard King
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riotwithdyet 1364480304
Hell yeah. @bigbizliz @drdavidsales is the best.
bakedphotography 1364485565
@nuge666 @bigbizliz you guys kill it!! Rad
ryanyodie 1364535549
Lizard !! Or as all your OG BMX friends know you as : crack !!! Lol u famous now !!!
kev043 1364579500
Hey dude when you came to Costa ricaaaa !!!!! Pd: u r fucking awesomeee
sk8_bored 1364587658
I'm your iguana queen
jordanfoster13 1364706638
Dude I can't wait to see your part in the deathwish video, or the whole video ! Keep killing it !
flip_gcode 1364706720
Congrats on a sicc ass video part G! @bigbizliz #DeathwishStreetGang
evertstoned 1364785816
when are u gunna smoke me out at Fairmont again you fucking celebrity @bigbizliz
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