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Jordan Garland

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Took an unexpected trip down memory land directly into nostalgias unbelievably welcoming belly today. This was the first hubba I ever hit. I front 5050ed it and it was seriously so scary. It looked like it was so kirchart rowley stuff back then. Or at least to my eyes at the time. I used to skate all around downtown wayne. I would skate two miles down michigan ave every night to downtown wayne to skate by myself for hours. It was unreal. Just skating the post office loading dock alone. Or during the day link up with every skateboarder you saw. Nowadays you see a skateboarder and don't even think twice. Instead of stop to skate with them you yell "DO A KICKFLIP" out the car window like so many did to you. The games changed. I've changed. It's crazy where progress takes you. Been all over the country skating spots, and some of the best feelings come from seeing how far you've come from 5050ing an inch tall ledge that used to be terrifying. I seriously love skateboarding from the heart. #skateboarding #thankyouskateboarding #love

jordangarlandmi Instagram profile picture
Jordan Garland
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travistroye 1364430705
Old baby spot
beef.wellington 1364433522
I skated that last summer it was so fun @jordangarlandmi i wanna go back so bad the first hubba i ever hit was like that to only not that obe and a little taller
jaycipponeri 1364436130
Where exactly is this?
jordangarlandmi 1364437869
@jay_cipp Wayne Michigan at a church
jaycipponeri 1364470879
Sick thanks @jordangarlandmi
andreas_12345 1364857719
Boomer! Saw someone that looked like you so I looked you up! This was our spot man @jordangarlandmi
jordangarlandmi 1365029433
Dude for real! We used to skate it all the time.
jordangarlandmi 1365029440
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