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Jake Phelps and Tiger Woods in the same commercial?..... Skateboarding has come a long way. http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/skateboarding/stories/2013/03/koston-2 #thelegendgrows

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matthewpaul78 1366462314
Not to mention the fact that all of Eric's older shoes were modeled after air Jordans, his first pro model on és even had an air bubble in the heel, you're probably way too young to remember any of that stuff, but for its day, it was really innovative and it looked rad and I bought the first two colorways like any sixteen year old kid would. I think you misunderstood me. Koston is totally down for skateboarding, and he's a legend, but even legends retire at some point. I don't think I'm alone in disappointment with his part in pretty sweet, it was like two tricks, shit you and I can both throw down I'm sure, he basically interrupted Guy's amazing skateboarding. That my friend isn't hating, its just fact.
machinewashable 1366989427
@matthewpaul78 im here to prove that, because of an idea called consumer sovereignty or personal preference, that what you're saying is an opinion based on a small generalisation rather than fact because i don't like buzenitz shoes and would rather kostons new ones
machinewashable 1366989476
Sorry homie
machinewashable 1366989493
Talk about washed up
matthewpaul78 1366989911
I see your point, but lets face it, neither of those two shoes are REALLY designed gor
matthewpaul78 1366990074
For skateboarding, they are designed to attract certain consumers, to sell, to make money, otherwise, whats the point right. I could just as easily skate in sambas, and you dunks, we like the guys whose names are on them, so we buy them.
awd_brad 1368897756
Shoes are kinda plain..
imintheslowlane 1371611627
Koston sucked the devils dick when he signed with Nike. Kook. Ps. Im wearing Nikes.
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