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Enjoying a #luckysdoughnuts creme brûlée doughnut while I get to read a friends new novel. #prettysweet #skateordie @rubyropa

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rubyropa 1364357051
thisisthestaticage 1364358280
I second @tempster_returns question.
mccranker 1364359418
@tempster_returns @godscop not this time buddies.
ed.templeton 1364359666
@mccranker still looks pretty dang tasty.
katiekronbauer 1364362796
Ohhh that one's so good! I got it all over myself the first time I had one. Big blob of custard hit my shirt and pants on the way down and landed right on my shoe...and I wasn't even mad. I was mad the other day though when the person in front of me in line got the last one.
dylandoubt 1364363325
Did you print it out?
mccranker 1364373003
@dylandoubt no, burning my retinas on my computer screen.
drewmullins_ 1364432022
Hey @mccranker I just got your cafe racer deck! It's awesome thanks!
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