Photo from njskateshop

After midnight and Dirt merchant gear in Hoboken. Rest of the shops next week.

usernamejames 1364320147
@njskateshop is that kiss to the right ?
njskateshop 1364320197
That is.. @usernamejames
jester_rich 1364322075
That DM duck hunter 5 panel available?
njskateshop 1364322663
@thedirtmerchant u have a question above
usernamejames 1364323995
@njskateshop fresh !!
thedirtmerchant 1364324564
@jester_rich soon, only some samples for now.
jester_rich 1364326761
@thedirtmerchant any chance i could snag?
black_chris 1364338601
@thedirtmerchant looking good buddy
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